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The next generation of parcel lockers

Qlocx Parcel Lockers develop and operate end-to-end parcel locker ecosystems tailored for first- and last mile deliveries, Click & Collect and C2C transactions by using our in house developed hardware technologies as well as our state-of-the-art software, making it the most convenient and user friendly parcel locker system on the market.

Qlocx Parcel Lockers

We are specialized in dense nationwide parcel locker networks, both agnostic and courier specific where the lockers are deployed outdoor, on public or private property, where people live.


Software is the major key to success

The key in deploying a dense network of parcel lockers is the convenience for all users, which is why we since 2015 have been developed and optimized a scalable ecosystem of software product supporting all users, from installation & maintenance technician to couriers and consumers with user friendly and intuitive interfaces as well as flexible API & SDK integration possibilities for our core partners to integrate all components in own systems and interfaces for an optimal user journey.


Innovative and future proved hardware technologies

All our parcel lockers operate without any wiring such as internet or power cable and with state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies. We operate the lockers with robust communication protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy and the latest cellular IoT networks making them the most innovative and future proved solution on the market. Our lockers can operate all from screen less and 100% app controlled to barcode scanner and touch screen operated.

With over 4 000 parcel lockers deployed and operational on the Nordic market we are one of the major parcel locker players in Europe.

Our Parcel Lockers

  • Outdoor 24/7 pick up & drop off point where people live
  • Indoor Click & Collect lockers
  • Low energy consumption enabling battery power
  • Low cost of maintenance and ownership
  • Does not require any power or internet connection
  • Choose your own branding
  • Add LED lights, barcode reader or touch screen according to your needs

Software solution

  • Locker management system
  • Operational system and BI
  • API/SDK integration tools and allocation system
  • App suit consisting of installation-, consumer- and driver apps

All components are interface flexible where there are full compability to integrate all functionality into own interfaces through our premium and well defined API stack and ETL.

In-house developed hardware communication technologies

  • BLE and cellular IoT network enabled.
  • Native app, webb app or without app
  • Both online and offline technologies
bring x iBoxen

1 200


Implemented in production

4 000


Sold in the nordics



Consumer app satisfaction ratings

Areas of use

Qlocx Parcel Lockers offers a flexible, scalable and robust parcel locker ecosystem as well as deep knowledge digital logistic systems and deployment of nationwide parcel locker networks.


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iBoxen infrastructure - A nationwide and dense parcel locker network

iBoxen operates an agnostic parcel locker network in the nordics where 10+ carrier firms are integrated and operates the lockers on a daily basis with 1 000+ Qlocx Parcel Locker locations with BLE technology currently in operation. All lockers are located outdoor and are operated without any wiring in harsh climate with excellent performance. Consumers rate an iBoxen delivery with 4,7/5 over time.

Qlocx supply iBoxen with parcel lockers and software to operate the parcel lockers independently with operational services to develop and operate the infrastructure software.

  • Dense agnostic infrastructure nationwide

  • 10+ of largest logistic players integrated

  • 1 000+ locations in both Sweden and Finland


Kappahl indoor Click & Collect

Swedish retailer Kappahl has selected Qlocx Parcel Locker as their Click&Collect solution supplier in a majority of their 200+ stores in Sweden. Qlocx have built specific software to make it seamless for the consumers to pick up and drop off Kappahl parcels in store without the necessity to stand in line or get help from the employees, which makes their work extremely cost efficient.

  • Tailor made screenless lockers for indoor use.

  • Customer convertion to Kappahl app interface with high customer satisfaction.

  • Cost savings due to less neccissity of employees in store.


Aleris is a private healthcare company that uses Qlocx Parcel Lockers to handout and collect medical devices for their daily operation. Previously all transactions had to be made through the lobby reception but now they do every transaction unmanned and 24/7.

Aleris parcel lockers have reduces the patient health care queue significant which made a great positive impact on their operations.