Click and Collect

Click and Collect is when stores offer their customers the alternative of picking up online-bought goods at the store. Click and Collect is the free-shipping alternative for consumers used to build trust, increase service level and drive customers to the physical store.



What is Click and Collect?

By installing our parcel lockers you create a delivery point in the store where customers can pick up their items without any staff involvement. This leads to saving on staff costs and reduces the complexity of scheduling. Also, the customer does not require any service and can pick up the package whenever they want.

The main purposes are to save staff time and improve customer experience. 

This is how it works

1. E-commerce purchases

The customer makes a purchase in the merchant's e-store with the selected shipping alternative "delivery to store."

2. Order processing

The merchant handles the order, transport is booked, and the delivery is made to the store.

3. Receiving and admission

The store staff receives the delivery, scans the package, and places it in the allocated slot in the parcel locker.

4. Delivery notification and collection

When the item is in the locker, the end customer is notified that the package is ready for collection. Customers can then calmly pick up packages when it best suits them.

What are the advantages of Click and Collect?

Cost savings

When we eliminate the physical handover of packages, the store can cut down on its scheduling, staff, and logistics costs.


When customers order using Click and Collect in-store, they can follow the delivery in real-time. On arrival, customers can pick up their packages peacefully without standing in line.


A Click and Collect concept in-store, with its lockers and systems, offers the opportunity to directly try on a garment and return it if dissatisfied. It also provides a chance to hand a product in for repair or exchange if necessary.

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