Parcel Locker Networks

To create a dense network of outdoor parcel lockers located where people live. 


Parcel Locker Networks

With our partner iBoxen, we have created a parcel locker infrastructure containing 1 200+ locations in Sweden and 100+ locations in Finland. The network is operated carrier agnostic where we are working with major logistic firms such as DHL, DB Schenker, Posten Bring, UPS, Matkahuolto etc.

Location flexibility

To install a dense network of parcel lockers nationwide, the location spots are crucial for success. 

By making our lockers easy to transport, install, add and move without any direct demands on the location itself such as power connection, the lockers can be deployed truly where people live and it is easier for municipalities and real estate owners to accept the locations for the parcel lockers. 

Parcel Locker Network functionalities


Collect parcels from the lockers in under 10 seconds, whenever it suits you. 

Our ecosystem supports different kind of consumer verification methods.


Through the system you can return parcels at your convenience. 


Exchange items without a physical meeting by renting a compartment and hand out a key to the recipient. You can also send parcels from one locker to another.

A selection of our logistic partners


iBoxen x Qlocx

The company iBoxen is developing a nationwide infrastructure for outdoor delivery boxes in Sweden – available to everyone around the clock. The company invests heavily with the goal that all of Sweden's 4.7 million households – in both rural and urban areas – should be able to easily and conveniently pick up, send and return their parcels via a delivery box near their home or where they pass daily, regardless of where they shop and which carrier is delivering the packages. The delivery boxes are a convenient alternative to courier services and home deliveries.


Qlocx Parcel Lockers delivers all inclusive products and services for iBoxen, including lockers, hardware and software and together we have established a joint venture called Qlocx iBoxen Digital.


paketskåp iboxen


The iBoxen infrastructure can be used by all transport companies, making it possible for the e-commerce industry to continue to grow in a more sustainable way. The boxes lead to fewer and shorter transports in rural areas and create the conditions to allow for night deliveries with electric vehicles in cities. iBoxen is owned by the founders, Fastighets AB Balder, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (SBB), and Redito, and is being financed to expand the network of boxes throughout Sweden. Read more about iBoxen here.


Why invest in Parcel Locker Networks?

Modern solutions

With our parcel locker ecosystem, you can save time and money, enabling you to execute business models. Our products creates flexibility and scalability, and can easily be applied to your logistic project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

For a sustainable future

By using our parcel lockers with integrated solar power we reach a truly maintenance free system which will last for 10+ years and minimize the cost of ownership and the environmental impact. With an outdoor based locker network the couriers can deliver parcels 24/7 and preferably during night time which will decrease the number of vehicles on the road during daytime and create more efficient route planning for the couriers.

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