Software ecosystem

Our parcel locker software ecosystem is built to support first mile, last mile, Click & Collect and C2C transactions where all components are interface flexible and there are full compability to integrate all functionality into own interfaces through our premium and well defined API stack and ETL.


Qlocx Parcel Locker Software Ecosystem

With long and vast experience within digital last mile logistics, we have developed an entire ecosystem containing all necessary components for a successful parcel locker network. 

The Qlocx Parcel Locker software platform has been designed with scalability, flexibility and simplicity in mind and therefore we built it as an agnostic software that can operate not only a Qlocx Parcel Locker with our own technology but also any kind of parcel locker independent of hardware. This product fits a network consisting of different locker suppliers on different markets where our SaaS system helps uniform the software running the locker network.



Our ecosystem components

Locker management system

A webtool controlling the parcel locker network from activation to deactivation, service registration and information updates.                                                        

API/SDK integration and allocation system 

Full API integration suit with endless posibilities as well as SDK for own interface operations where our parcel allocation algorithm are created with much experience and sophistication.

Ops Bi
Operational system & BI

Support all transactions in the ecosystem with full scale tools to help users operate the lockers as well display of operational data in appropriate BI models.

Installation & maintenance App

Performs installations, modifications and maintenance in the network.                                                                                                                                     

Driver App

Gives the driver an exceptional experience for efficient multi parcel first- and last mile transactions.                                                                                                  

Consumer App

Consist of well proven functionalities for end consumers to pick up or drop of parcels as well as performance of own C2C parcel transactions in the network.

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